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The Culture of Emilia-Romagna

Under the spotlights

India – Instabili Vaganti theatre company at the Theatre Olympics 2018

From 3rd to 25th March, stages in Patna, New Delhi and Jaipur with the performance MADE IN ILVA, besides lectures, workshops and a master class

Arago Design

Cezc Republic and Austria - Open Design Italia among the hundred Italian design ambassadors in the world

On the occasion of the Italian Design Day 2018, on the 1st March opening of the exhibit “Design is nourishing” in Prague, until the 23rd March. On the 2nd March, in Wien, lecture “Design is sustainable” and exhibit until the 16th March

The night of the tales. From Reggio Emilia to the world

From Reggio Emilia an invitation to Italy, to Europe, to the World to discover once again the value and the magic of a tale. All together, everyone at the same time, adults and children around stories, adventures and emotions to read, narrate and listen to. On February 23, 2018

First time in Russia for Antonio Ligabue

The exhibition “Antonio Ligabue. Mirror of the soul” presents a wide selection of works by the ingenious artist. In Moscow, from January 25 through March 11

The culture of Emilia-Romagna around the world: a strong identity value

The year 2017 confirms a wide presence abroad of the regional contemporary artistic productions and of tributes to great Masters and traditions of its past

United States - World Premiere of PANORAMA by Motus theatre company

PANORAMA is Motus theatre company’s new project debuting on December 29 at La MaMa Theatre Club in New York. Performances until January 21

“HECUBA” by Laminarie theatre company arrives in Cyprus

From 13 to 23 December the company is in Nicosia for the last step programmed in 2017 of the project “HECUBA ports and suburbs along the Mediterranean Sea”

Movin’Up - call for the international mobility of young artists

Promoted by the Italian Ministry of Cultural Heritage and Activities and Tourism and the Association for the Circuit of Young Italian Artists – GAI. Deadline 15 December 2017

The Taste of Music

China – There is culture in “The Best of Emilia-Romagna”

On the occasion of the 2nd Annual Italian Cusine Week in the World (20-26 November), the President Stefano Bonacini is in China -this year chosen by Emilia-Romagna Region as target Country- to present many projects and initiatives, also cultural ones

United States – The culture of Emilia-Romagna opens the Second Annual Italian Cuisine Week in the World

Pellegrino Artusi and his renowned “practical manual” are amongst the protagonists of the events organized in Chicago from the 7th to the 18th of November

United States – “First Tray” by Enza Negroni

The film documentary by the director from Bologna is presented at the "N.I.C.E. New Italian Cinema Events". In San Francisco, on November 10

ph. Serena Groppelli

United States - Great expectation in New York for the shadow theatre by Teatro Gioco Vita company

“A Sky for the Bear” is on stage at the New Victory Theatre from October 25 to November 5

Johannesburg - "Amarcord" by Federico Fellini and exhibit “Food in the drawings by Federico Fellini”

For the first time in South Africa Federico Fellini’s masterpiece is screened in its restored version. On October 23, within the 17th Week of Italian Language in the World, dedicated to the theme "Italian at the cinema, Italian in the cinema"

Souvenir d’Italie di Antonio Pietrangeli (1957) - Isabelle Corey, June Lavercik, Vittorio De Sica, Ingeborg Schoener [ph. Foto Film Color] - Loc.: Venezia

Albania – “Grand Tour” in Italy with the Centro Cinema Città di Cesena

The exhibit “Grand Tour of Contemporary Italy. Set of Italian cinema 1943 – 2016” opens the Albanian calendar of events organized on the occasion of the 17th Week of Italian Language in the World, this year dedicated to the theme "Italian at the cinema, Italian in the cinema". In Vlorë, from October 16 to December 22

Arago Design

Austria – Exhibit “Design is Nourishing” by Open Design Italia

Materials and symbols of the Made in Italy culture revisited with a contemporary view. In Wien, from 16th October to 23rd November

Canada – Festival Verdi on the big screen

A film series of some of the most representative operas produced by Festival Verdi starts in Toronto on the 5th of October. “Giovanna d’Arco” by Giuseppe Verdi under the direction of Peter Greenaway and Saskia Boddeke opens the series.

Germany – La Baracca and Teatro delle Briciole guest of the International Music and Theatre Festival Kinder-Kinder

On stage in Hamburg “On-off” (22-24 September) and “POP-UP, an animated fossil of a cartoon” (23-25 September)

French premiere for “Golden Days” by Aterballetto dance company

The new creation exclusive to Aterballetto by the choreographer Johan Inger is staged at the Festival "Le Temps d’Aimer La Danse" in Biarritz on the 15th September

France - A film to discover Lucio Dalla from an unusual point of view

“Letters to Lucio” (Caro Lucio ti scrivo), the film by Riccardo Marchesini on Lucio Dalla’s characters and songs is presented in Lyon on the 11th of September

Kazakhstan - "Pavarotti Forever"

A concert dedicated to the memory of the great tenor from Modena on the tenth anniversary of his death. At the Astana Opera House, on the 3rd of September

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