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The Culture of Emilia-Romagna

Under the spotlights

XIV Week of Italian Language in the World, Barcelona 20-24 October

"Il teatro per immagini. Le stagioni teatrali nel Teatro Comunale di Ferrara (1964-2012)", a book of Istituto per i Beni Culturali della Regione Emilia-Romagna, edited by Giuseppina Benassati e Roberta Cristofori, published by Editrice Compositori in 2013, will be presented at Istituto Italiano di Cultura, Barcelona. The event, which takes place with the participation of the General Consul of Italy in Barcelona, ​​Stefano Nicoletti, is organised within the framework of the Italian Presidency of the EU and aims at the promotion of the cataloguing activities carried out by IBC in the field of photographic archives; at the same time, it will contribute to the knowledge of Italian drama, opera and music, as represented by Ferrara’s Teatro Comunale and its tradition of high quality productions.

"Guercino la luce del Barocco":after the exhibitions in Italy and Warsaw, now it comes the turn of Zagreb. In the near future, the Guercino's paintings will be in Tokyo and later on in USA

As requests by the IIC and Italian Embassy of Zagreb, and thanks to the agreements that the City of Cento signed with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Guercino's works will be the subject of an exhibition entitled ""Guercino la luce del Barocco", which will be held in the Museum of Art and Crafts in Zagreb, from 23 October to 31 January 2015

Teatro Gioco Vita in France and in Austria with the new performance "A Sky for the Bears" October 10-13

Taken from the stories by Dolf Verroen & Wolf Erlbruch. A Sky for the Bears is based on two stories. The first is about a bear who decides he’d really like to become a Dad. The second story is about a little bear who is very sad, following the death of his grandfather. When his Mum tells him his Grandad was very tired and is now very happy in the sky for the bears, he says: “I want to go, too”. And off he sets into the wide world

Italy rediscovers Albania - Tales of life on the road

The Italian Institute of Culture of Tirana takes part in the IX International Human Rights Film Festival 2014 (IHRFFA) and opens the exhibition "Italy Albania: two sides of the same sea". Palace of Culture, September 26, 7.00 pm

The Museum of Pieve di Cento (Bo) 'MAGI' 900 "- Museum of artistic and historical excellence - brings Italian art in China in Guangzhou (Canton)

Born from the collaboration between Giulio Bargellini and Chinese businesswoman Zhan Yujuan the Museum will be inaugurated on Friday 19 settemre at 17 in the presence of the major Italian and local authorities present in the territory of China

NABUCCO by Giuseppe Verdi at the Opéra de Montréal

With the contribution of: Italian Cultural Institute of Montreal

From the United States a new award at the Bologna Cinematheque

The Special Medallion at the Telluride Film Festival in Colorado in the United States is the premium received by the Cinematheque of Bologna, Sunday, August 31, for his work in the preservation and promotion of film heritage

Total Theatre Awards at Edinburgh Fringe Festiva 2014: the Instabili Vaganti company received a nomination for the show MADE IN ILVA

Selected from over 3000 shows of the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, the show MADE IN ILVA had a nomination for one of the most important Fringe awards

Great success for the tour in Switzerland and in Germany of the Coro Euridice of Bologna

The tour was made ​​with the support of the Emilia-Romagna Region and in collaboration with the City of Solothurn and the Choral Festival Constance

Città di Ebla at the Theatre Festival Varna Summer in Bulgaria with the show "The Metamorphosis" directed by Claudio Angelini

How to get into the expressive forest of "The Metamorphosis" and come out bringing home the skin? Why "The Metamorphosis" strikes us?

Artemis Danza at the Bustan Festival in Beirut on May 29 with the show La Traviata

Violetta against everyone. Violetta in white, hope of pureness, Violetta in red, a bleeding heart. A heart that was better if it never beat

Alessandro Taddei and the Gruppo Ponte Radio presents the performance "Babel": a fairy tale in the world. Training workshops till December 2014 in Italy, Berlin, Tuzla and Tyre

Babel is the result of a search on theater, language, communication, made in Italy, Germany, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Palestine, and Lebanon between 2005 and 2013

"Combattimenti & Lamenti" Anna Caterina Antonacci and the Accademia degli Astrusi, directed by Federico Ferri, on European tour May 15 to 22

The new program, which will premiere in Brussels on May 15 and then in Oviedo and Madrid on 20 and 22 May, includes, beside immortal masterpieces as the "Combattimento" by Monteverdi, unreleased tunes taken from the works of the great arias of the '600 italian music: Giovanni Paolo Colonna, Pietro Antonio Baskets and Giacomo Antonio Perti

The Legacy of Charlemagne 814–2014. From May 10 to November 30 in Ename, Belgium

2014 is somehow a crucial year for Europe: in addition to an election date - that is likely to be fraught with risks - to form the EU political bodies on a completely new basis, in the field - apparently quieter - of the historical research, this is also the year of a relevant anniversary: Charlemagne died on 28 January 814

Silvio Zalambani - Grupo Candombe and Tango Tres in Spain in May for a very long tour

Saxophonist, composer and arranger, Silvio Zalambani holds diplomas in Saxophone, Clarinet as well as Jazz music. For several years now he has been interested in the study of Latin-American music, especially tango, Afro-Cuban and Afro-Brazilian culture. In 1997 he founded the trio "Tango Tres" and in the year 2000 "Grupo Candombe"

Carlo Forlivesi, eclectic body and internationally acclaimed musician

Carlo Forlivesi, is a composer, performer, conductor and researcher. His international outlook is reflected in an eclectic body of works and activities which range from musical compostions and written works to choreographies and masterclasses. Forlivesi in the last fifteen years has conducted extensive research in the field of traditional Japanese music and dance, receiving honours and awards

Deliziando – Tradition & Quality: the legendary flavours of Emilia-Romagna

The Project is developed in the context of the renewed Memorandum of Understanding among the General Directorate-for Agriculture of the Emilia-Romagna Region, Emilia-Romagna Unioncamere and the regional chamber system, in order to further strengthen the integration and synergy between all bodies involved. The Deliziando Project in 2014 will consolidate and expand the cooperation with the foreign offices of the ITA-Agency and of the Italian Chambers of Commerce abroad in the countries covered by the promotion

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