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The Culture of Emilia-Romagna

Under the spotlights

Souvenir d’Italie by Antonio Pietrangeli (1957) - Isabelle Corey, June Lavercik, Vittorio De Sica, Ingeborg Schoener [ph. Foto Film Color] - Loc.: Venezia

United States – “Grand Tour in Contemporary Italy” with the exhibition by Centro Cinema Città di Cesena

A fascinating album of places, sensations and characters in the photographs illustrating the stunning regional sets of Italian movies from the 1940s until today. In Los Angeles, from 9th February to 26th May

ph. Dan Norman

France - “Circoluna” by Teatro Gioco Vita theatre company on stage at La Villette

A coloured and fantastic adventure in a play of lights and shadows and a bit of magic. In Paris, from 31st January to 19th February

Estonia - Ceramics as a fundamental material in human life

The international exhibition “The European Cultural Lifestyle in Ceramics - from Baroque until Today” connects the MIC International Museum of Ceramics in Faenza with other eight European museums. In Tallin, until the 26th of March

Arago design

Germany - Open Design Italia presents the exhibition "New Shapes of Made in Italy"

Promotion of the "made in Italy" and independent creativity through the preciousness and talent of fourteen young designers. In Berlin, from 9th January to 3rd February 2017

Emilia-Romagna Region “Culture of Europe” and of the world

How many and which events, and where, of Emilia-Romagna culture abroad in 2016

MIC Faenza, goblet (Hercules killing the centaur Eurytion – part.), abt. 1540

China - Exhibition “The legacy of 1000 years of Italian ceramics”

The travelling exhibition organized by the International Museum of Ceramics in Faenza is set up in five important museums in Zhengzhou, Hangzhou, Shenyang, Taiyuan, Shenzhen. From December 2016 to March 2018

France – Laminarie theatre company’s project “Ecuba ports and suburbs along the Mediterranean Sea”

The seventh step of the international project focused on the figure of the "loser" and brought around ports and suburbs of the Mediterranean Sea is in Marseille until 15th December

New York – Presentation of the digital project Art-Artusi - The Feast Days Food in Artusi Cuisine

The first international hackathon on the theme of food aiming at re-discovering the father of modern Italian cookery heritage and promoting Italian culture with innovative tools. On the occasion of the First Week of Italian Cuisine in the World

South Africa - “Food in the drawings by Federico Fellini”

An exhibition and two screenings on the occasion of the First Week of Italian Cuisine in the World. In Pretoria, until the 1st December

France – From Romagna land to Lyon, via Beaujolais, Pellegrino Artusi is guest of the Rhône land

On 4th and 5th November advance event on the occasion of the First Italian Cuisine in the World Week

ph. Serena Groppelli

Canada – “Le Ciel des ours” di Teatro Gioco Vita in tournée in Quebec

Three stages of the French version of the show in important centers for children theatre. The poetry and magic of shadows theatre in Beloeil, Sagueany and Québec City, until the 20th of November

Instabili Vaganti theatre company on tour in Mexico

An artistic residence in Oaxaca, conferences, a masterclass and performing actions in Mexico City to set up a site specific version of the show DESAPARECIDOS#43 with an international cast composed by Mexican and Italian actors and dancers. Until the 29th of October

South Africa – Opening of the XVI Week of the Italian Language in the World with Artemis Danza company

The performance “I Bislacchi, a tribute to Fellini” is the opening event of the program scheduled for the XVI Week of the Italian language in the world and takes place on the occasion of the South Africa-Italy summit organized by the European House Ambrosetti. In Johannesburg on 17th October

ph. Simone Cecchetti

"The Mountain Giants" by Roberto Latini in Bosnia and Russia

The show is guest of the 56th edition of MESS International Theatre Festival in Sarajevo on 3rd October and of SOLO - International Theatre Festival of One-Man Productions in Moscow on 7th October, Bologna | A Whale on the Wall

Hungary - "New Shapes of Made in Italy", exhibition by Open Design Italia

Preciousness and talent of fifteen young designers selected from the past six editions of the event. In Budapest, from 27th September to 20th October 2016

ph. Veronica Billi

A new international award for MADE IN ILVA by Instabili Vaganti theatre company

It is the tenth award received for this show by the company based in Bologna

China - The Italian excellence of illustration for youth presented also in Beijing

The exhibition supported by the Emilia-Romagna Region Cultural Department takes around the world creativity, fantasy and imaginary of 18 Italian illustrators awarded at the Bologna Children's Book Fair. To 28th August to 8th September

ph. Alessandro Sala

Germany – Premiere of MDLSX by Motus and Silvia Calderoni

The show is on stage in Berlin at the Tanz im August festival (August, 12-14) and at the Wiesbaden Biennale (August, 27-28)

Beijing – Exhibition “Boldini, Master of the Belle Époque”

From 20th July to 9th October an exhibition dedicated to the Ferrarese painter is proposed in China for the first time

ph. Anna Dora Dorno

Shanghai – “The Organic Body” of Instabili Vaganti theatre company

During their first tour in China, the company is guest of the prestigious Shanghai Theatre Academy. From 17th to 24th July

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